Latest promotion by Airasia for April 2013

I just realized has published a post about the latest travel promotion by Airasia.  I completely agree with them that this is a huge bargain for Malaysian. If you are working in a place outside your hometown, I am sure you will be very happy with this promotion. I cannot understand how come Airasia can give such low ticket fares frequently.

If you took a bus or train, it’s normal to pay around RM30 for middle distance traveling. But can you believe you that you can enjoy comfortable flight experience for just RM29? That’s so awesome.

hari raya promo 2013

By the way, if you need latest ticket promotion, you can always visit If you think Airasia online booking is not the place to get promo info and get flight ticket, you are dead wrong. Instead of spending lots of money for ticket fare, you should plan your journey early and take advantage of all the flight offers.

Not only for Airasia, but you should also keep your eye on other airlines as well such as Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Airlines, and Firefly. Since you get cheap ticket price, you can spend extra money for other purpose such as comfortable staying place, preparing good food during Hari Raya, or buying new home equipments.

So how what are you planning to do for this Raya?

In this year Hari Raya I plan to take a flight to Penang and visit my friends there. One of them told me about a great eating place in Penang called ‘Line Clear’. He told me that is the greatest nasi kandar he ever eaten in his life.

Sounds like a hype isn’t it? But I heard similar comments from other people as well. And he has a friend who was willing to come from Kuala Lumpur to Penang just for the sake of the great ‘nasi kandar’. Even though the foods are delicious, I heard some complaints about the environment. The place is quite dirty and crowded. By the way, that just proven how delicious Line Clear is. If it is not delicious, people will not recommend it despite the poor cleanliness.

We also plan to play bowling together. I am not good with bowling but recently my bowling score has increased a lot more. I used to play bowling using heavy ball. It’s good actually, but my points increase quite a lot when I combined normal weight ball with speed.

Enough of my rambling. I hope you enjoy this entry. Even though this blog is for me to share with you latest ticket fare promo by Airasia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Airlines, and Firefly, I think it’s best to make it general and so so formal.

Thank you for reading.


Book Air Asia ticket using mobile phone

airasia_mobile_bookingIf you are one kind of a guy that always book flight ticket online, I think it’s good if you know that you can actually do so by using mobile phone. To be honest, I am more convenient to do such important process from a laptop or desktop computer with stable internet connection.

But can you imagine if you in desperate situation where you need to book a flight ticket as soon as possible in an area without laptop or computer. Then your best bet is to use your mobile phone for booking.

Before we proceed, I hope you are well aware that your mobile phone need to have internet connectivity to do this. Right now they are many internet providers that you can find at cheap prices. You can use Digi, Celcom, and Maxis. And if you still don’t have a smartphone, you can use 1Malaysia rebate given by government to have Rm200 off for your smartphone with internet connectivity. That seems like a good bargain.

By using mobile phone for booking, you can see lot of details such as:

  • flight schedules
  • perform self check-in
  • book flights conveniently

If you are using iPhone, you need to get related application for the App Store. You just need to search for ‘Air Asia’ in the search box and you will be listed with appropriate application. Download the application.

If you are using Blackberry, you can choose up to ttwo methods for this. First, you can visit BB World and search for ‘Airasia’. Then you can download related result. Second, you can install the application directly by accessing the link that I will be given.

For non touch screen Blackberry phone >>

For touch screen Blackberry phone >>

That’s all… After you downloaded and installed the related application, you can access Airasia booking system through your mobile phone.

By the way, Airasia is launching special promotion for this year Hari Raya.

I will post about this soon. Please come back later.

Airasia flight promotion for April 2013

AirAsia X Promotion to Busan (valid until 28 April 2013)


This is quite a big news. Air Asia X has confirmed that they will open a new route to one of South Korea’s city that is Busan. So what will AirAsia do? Will they give any promotion? Yes, they are giving crazy promotion right now. Airasia X will offer promotional ticket price. You can take flight for RM199 (economy class) or RM699 (premium class – flatbeds). You can start book for the flight starting from now to April 28. Then you can choose to travel anytime between 15 July to 30 April 2014. The four flights a week offered by Airasia from Gimhae International Airport to LCCT would be using Airbus A330 which has 12 premium flatbed seats.

AirAsia BIG Sale travel promotion in 2014

airasia bigsale

Last month is a good news when Airasia has opened special privilege to their members so that they can book  their FREE seats for the Big Sale promotion. The Big Loyalty Programme for sure has taken the interest of lot of travelers in Malaysia. And after a few weeks, Airasia has opened the same deals to non-members. Congratulation to those who has grab the promotional seats for unbelievable price. By the way, they also has launched additional promotion called Xtra Big Sale. The price vary from $87 and you can travel to Seoul, Osaka, and Chengdu.

Airasia Fly Home to vote special promotion

fly home to vote

Wow! Airasia really knows how to market. Since Malaysia will be having 13th election on the upcoming month, Airasia is giving special ticket promotion for those that need to return to their home for election purpose. This is a huge bargain. Lot of time can be saved and you can get to return to your hometown conveniently. The ticket fare for Fly Home to vote starts from RM29 and you can travel anytime between May 2 and Aug 31. For this promo, you need to give certain details such as full name, date of birth, and IC number before you can claim any ticket.

You can visit AirAsia website to book your ticket online. Feel free to visit this site occasionally to find latest flight booking promotion and travel deals in Malaysia.